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How to Quickly Apply the Most Powerful Direct Marketing Techniques in the World to Every Item You Sell on eBay

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If you feel sorry for all those who compete against you on eBay, don't implement even one of this book's powerful Direct Marketing eBay techniques.

If you do, by using just one technique, you could take too many sales away from those poor suckers who sell the same things you sell.

If doing that keeps you awake at night, skip this and keep doing what you're doing now...

  ...because this book will put so much money in your pockets, you might not be able to handle the guilt!

No "Work" Required by You!

   Almost every technique introduced here requires only that you add a few simple sentences in any auction you list in the future.

A Complete Book

   Although eXtreme eBay contains none of the typical filler that traditional books always seem to have, this one is the "meat and potatoes" kind of eBook that gets you going right away, takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what to do.

   You will make massively more profits on every item you ever sell from that point forward.


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   eXtreme eBay instantly adds to your bottom line on every auction you list immediately after you begin using its simple techniques.

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   Any time during that entire year, if you try eXtreme eBay's techniques and any fail to produce more bids, watchers, or income immediately on every item that you sell, drop us an email to let us know why and how it failed you. (We need and want to know how we can improve every day.)

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How We Can Make This Guarantee?

  Simple. If all you did was add Chapter 14's single sentence of eBay Gold to your next auction, you would instantly see massive increases in your bids, watchers, and income.

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  As our way of saying Thanks, we'll send you a CD-ROM with the author discussing how and why each of this eBook's methods work so well.

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   In this teleseminar given by the author, you will learn more about this book's powerful selling techniques and you'll master them more quickly because the author is right there with you showing you how to maximize your auctions' income immediately!

   And the audio bonus is truly free! If you decide to request your money back on the eBook (and we are confident you won't or we wouldn't be selling it), keep the CD-ROM as our way of saying Thanks for trying the book for a year. See the box above for more details about the guarantee.

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The Critics say:

   "Direct Marketing techniques don't and can't work on eBay."

Direct Marketers say:

   "Critics get paid far less money than Direct Marketers."

Maximize Your Auction Profits by 185% or More!

   Direct Marketing techniques simply provide the most powerful avenue to dramatically increase sales of anything. Oddly, most eBay sellers ignore them.

   That's good news for you.

   It's far easier for you to wipe out sellers who compete against you when they don't use Direct Marketing techniques.

Abigail Beacher of Tulsa says:

   "I thought I was selling the most product possible through our eBay account. Boy was I wrong!

   "eXtreme eBay's readers will be stunned at the power that just one single chapter, Chapter 14, gives you to OWN your eBay category in sales. Yet, even without Chapter 14, the simple techniques here dramatically boost income levels to unheard of heights and they'll make your competitors wish you'd never heard of eBay."

Stop Wasting Time, Money, and Lost Sales NOW

   eBay is not only a massive site that brings together buyers and sellers, it's an extremely underutilized Direct Marketing landscape. The structure of eBay lends itself beautifully to Direct Marketing concepts in spite of the naysayers who try to say otherwise.

   eBay allows for all tried-and-true Direct Marketing techniques including many that most sellers never consider. You may or may not know eBay's a perfect platform for:

  1. Cross-Promotion - eBay allows far more cross-promotion than even most PowerSellers currently know about!

  2. Upsells - You can upsell even when you don't think your current product line supports upsells!

  3. Testing - Direct Marketing is Built on a Testing Foundation - without Testing Your Product is Dead in the Water before You Begin. Why do critics say eBay is too fluid to perform tests? It's because they don't understand eBay, testing, or Direct Marketing.

  4. New Product Research - You must master the wealth of FREE Research Tools finally available to all Sellers, even those sellers without any business contacts whatsoever.

  5. Front-end Loss Leaders - They convert to Highly-Profitable Back-End Purchases

  6. Maximized SPAM-free Client Lists - Any eBayer can do this just by keeping track of previous buyers.

  7. Provided Newsletter Follow-Ups - You know you can do this already, just ask your buyers when you send them a Thank You email for their permission to get a free newsletter you send monthly that relates to the product they bought from you

  8. Unconditional Guarantees - eXtreme eBay's Chapter 14 gives you the most unbelievable money-generating guarantee possible for eBay sellers - this is the true hidden GOLD that will wipe the floor with your competitors, even the ones who offer a flimsy 100% money-back guarantee which is only a fraction as powerful as the guarantee Perry at least reveals in this Direct Marketer's dream book!

  9. Headline Effectiveness - The headline is NOT your auction title - Don't make that mistake that amateur Direct Marketers make all the time!

  10. Getting into your Bidders' Heads - Do you know how to get inside the heads of your buyers? You might think you do if you've studied Direct Marketing. But how do you leverage eBay's platform to do this in an auction format? Chapter 13 answers that for you... it's easy!

   Some of these techniques are more powerful than others. Perry shows you only the ones that maximize profits the fastest, and then... he takes them further so that:

Your Income Will Skyrocket Like a NASA Spaceship

   Almost every sentence in this book trains you in how to apply Direct Marketing techniques that have proved successful for 100 or more years. Only here, Perry takes them further.

   He gives you the step-by-step approach to show you how to implement each and every concept taught in this under-priced book.

   In your first auction you might recoup the eXtremely low-cost price of this amazing Book.

   But even better, if you include the most powerful, competition-smashing sentence available to an eBay seller - shown only here in Chapter 14 - it's possible that you are likely to reap a far greater profit increase in your very next sale than the price of this book many times over!

So Makes Chapter 14 So Great?

   The title tells it all:

   The Single Most Powerful Wealth-Building Sentence You Can Put In Your Auctions Is Revealed in This Chapter

   But guess what?

   If you skipped Chapter 14 completely and implemented the other techniques handed to you in the rest of the book, your competition would be seriously harmed as your sales grow.

  • No fluff Only exactly what you need to earn a dramatically higher eBay income

How Qualified is this Book? eXtreme eBay Was Written by the Most Prolific Computer Author in the World

   If you've ever looked on bookstore shelves for computer books, you have seen eXtreme eBay 's Author Greg Perry and you already know this is a serious book written by a professional. Perry has written more than 75 books about computers including programming, digital movie making, Microsoft Office, and Windows.

   The reason he wrote this was, in his words, "I will only write an eBay book when I can give my readers something completely new, brand new techniques generally not revealed elsewhere, that will revolutionize the way they sell items.."

   Perry is an eBay Education Specialist trained by eBay. He's a PowerSeller. He practices what he teaches.

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