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The "Secret" to Why Buyers Will Happily Pay an EXTRA 99 (or More) for Each Item You Sell

Just 1 to 3 Sentences in Each Auction Adds at Least a Buck to Your Gross Income!!!


$15 Extra on Your Next 15 Auctions... $50 extra on your next 50 auctions... Thousands extra on all your future auctions!

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International Buyers
: While eBay eXtasy provides you with many tips that will improve your eBay sales totals, the 99 (or more) extra income technique has not been tested outside the USA. In addition, the technique might not even be possible for non-USA eBay sellers.



From This Point Forward, Every Item You Ever Sell Will Bring an Extra 99 (or More) You will control how much extra your buyer happily sends you every time you sell anything on the Internet, especially eBay!

Not Just for eBay

   Whatever you sell (with one small exception for digital goods such as eReports), this 99 (or more) technique works every time.

   If you routinely sell items for $50 or more, you will get far more than 99 on each sale! 99 is the bare minimum (and eBay eXtasy recommends that you charge more than 99 for most items you sell).

How Much Work is Involved?

   Literally you will add 1 to 3 short sentences to every auction you write. That's it! You need not change anything else in your auctions. And it doesn't matter what you sell or mail, if you sell single audio CDs or freighted cast iron stoves, you will immediately begin receiving this extra money on every item you sell. The higher your prices are, the more extra you will get.

   This technique assures you of the 99 minimum income from the moment you finish the book.

It's Not Even a "Strategy"

   This technique is so simple you will stare in amazement at every auction you ever see after this that does not implement this technique to get the higher income!

   Calling this a "strategy" is stretching things because it's so simple. And eBay eXtasy gives you a step-by-step guide on exactly what to do.

Completely Ethical

   The reason you want to implement this 99 (or more) extra income technique is not just for the money!

  • If you don't start charging your buyers this extra 99 (or more), you do them a great wrong.

  • eBay eXtasy shows that you begin doing your good buyers a new, valuable, and needed service the moment you implement this simple, 99 (or more) extra income technique.

  • eBay eXtasy devotes a complete chapter to the importance of practicing ethical dealings with your eBay buyers, especially when you use this technique which will dramatically boost your profit margin.

   A complete chapter is included called, Why the 99 (or More) Technique is Completely Ethical.

Speaking of Ethics

   This sale does NOT implement the 99 (or more) extra technique in the interest of two things:

  • Protecting the book's contents

  • Helping to ensure absolutely no conflict of interest.

   Although the 99 (or more) extra income technique is more-than-fair, it was not applied to this sale just to maintain an "arm's length" distance between this distribution and the book's content.

   Also, the eBook distribution model makes it difficult (and this is really the only model that is more challenging) to implement as eBay eXtasy points out clearly.

Risk-Free to You! You Get What is Perhaps the Most Powerful, Most Generous, and Least Risky Guarantee Offered on the Internet with No Questions Asked!

  1. eBay eXtasy will instantly add a minimum of 99 and usually more to every auction you list immediately after you begin using its technique.

  2. eBay eXtasy will also instantly add a minimum of 99 and usually more to every item you ever sell online that are not auctions after you begin using its technique.

   Keep, read, and re-read eBay eXtasy for one full year 365 full days and full nights. Maximize your auctions' income using eBay eXtasy.

   Any time during that entire year, if you try eBay eXtasy's technique and it fails to produce this promised and immediate income immediately on every item that you sell and send to any customer you have in the world, drop us an email to let us know why and how it failed you. (We need and want to know how we can improve every day.) We will immediately refund the entire price you paid for eBay eXtasy   No questions asked, no mess, no hesitation, no fuss, and no hard feelings.  


This Single and Exact Technique Changes Every Payment You Ever Receive from Any Buyer Whether on eBay or Any Other Online Site

   "I was a skeptic. To be able to immediately add 99-cents or more to every auction I sold? It's really far BETTER than that! Using this technique, most of my auctions now get an extra $1.37 to $4.60 and that's in addition to what they would have gotten without the eBay eXtasy technique! I control the exact amount of EXTRA MONEY my buyers are more than willing to pay me now over what I got before reading eBay eXtasy!" - M. Stapp, Oklahoma

   While other books about eBay teach you how to get started, or how to manipulate auctions to eke out slightly higher bids, eBay eXtasy gives you:

  • A proven step-by-step technique that guarantees that any and every eBay seller adds 99 (and usually more) on every item sold.

  • You will begin getting this extra 99 (or more) immediately upon taking the time to read what's inside this jewel.

  • Proved with links to live auctions that use the technique to get this extra money from every buyer and buyers are thrilled to pay it!

  • This technique is a fixed-income that you control and always works! This is not some phony "raise your minimum bid" or "charge more for postage" or "list during a high traffic period" scheme. This works on all auctions posted any time for any product that you have to sell and that you then send to your buyers.

  • No fluff Only exactly what you need to earn 99 (typically more, you will control the exact amount) on every item you sell.

Your Buyers Will Happily Pay You This Extra Money

   You will tell your buyers up front about this extra charge. Nothing is hidden from your buyers because that would be unethical.

   The amazing thing is they will happily send you this extra 99 (or more)! Every time they buy from you!.

  • 99 may not sound like much... until you realize this is what buyers happily pay you on every item you ever sell from this point forward.

  • The 99 extra income is the lowest you will get extra starting immediately after you're given this ultra-simple technique shown in this book.

  • Most sellers will get far more than just 99 extra on each item they sell. Immediately.

  • How many things do you sell in a month? 20 items? How about that extra $20 of gross income... that adds up. Sell 100 items? 300 items a month? Why would you not want an extra 99 (or more) for every item you sell?

eBay eXtasy Was Written by the Most Prolific Computer Author in the World

   If you've ever looked on bookstore shelves for computer books, you have seen eBay eXtasy's Author Greg Perry and you already know this is a serious book written by a professional. Perry has written more than 75 books about computers including programming, digital movie making, Microsoft Office, and Windows.

   This is Perry's first foray into the eBay book writing.

   The reason he wrote this was, in his words, "I will only write an eBay book when I can give my readers something completely new, a brand new technique not revealed elsewhere, that will revolutionize the way they sell items. Until the 99 (or more) extra technique, too many eBay books were out there saying the same old things."

   Although Editors showed a strong interest in this title, Perry did not want to go the traditional route for eBay eXstay so he had this extremely profitable work published in eBook form so his readers wouldn't have to pay the typical $39, $49, and as much as $99 or more plus tax that traditional computer book publishers charge for their overpriced books at retail.

   You pay no shipping. You'll receive this eBook, in the venerable PDF format, via email quickly. (A CD-ROM is available by First Class mail if you prefer that.)

Bonus Material

   You get extras in this book if you want to take your sales to the next level.

   eBay eXtasy offers you a Bonus Chapter, More Income After Every Sale!, that explains exactly how:

  • You will think like your buyers so you offer exactly what they want or need

  • How to sell additional items every time you sell one item

  • How to use the idea of "up sells" on eBay items, even those items you don't think you have a "back end" product for!

   This bonus chapter alone is worth the price of the book. And yet, it truly is a bonus, added as an extra to the book's primary and step-by-step technique you can immediately begin using and when you do... Buyers will happily add 99 (and usually more!) to every item you ever sell in the future!

Another Bonus!

   An appendix even describes the book-creation process, both for traditional books and especially for eBooks, the new medium for information exchange.

   Perry wanted to share with his readers how they can create eBooks just as he's done here. If you have something to teach, you don't even have to be an author to make a profit on your knowledge with an eBook!

A Complete Book

   Although eBay eXtasy contains none of the typical filler that traditional books always seem to have, this one is the "meat and potatoes" kind of eBook that gets you going right away, takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what to do (and you have to do virtually nothing once you finish this book to reap the 99 (and usually more!) extra income on every item you ever sell from that point forward).










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