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How to Buy and Sell Guns, Knives, and Ammo in Online Auctions Easily Without eBay!

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Ben said:

   "I had no idea you could even sell and buy firearms online without jumping through hoops of fire. I'm extra surprised at how easy you make everything. It's just 1-2-3 easy.

   "Plus, you really help us get through all the stupid 'legaleze' and regulations in less than five minutes."

And Timothy Stapp said:

   ďI didn't know that buying and selling guns, knives, and ammunition - including armor-piercing 30-06 ammo! Ė was so extremely simple. Before reading Guns Galore, I thought I would live a life destined to sell used items for less than theyíre worth and paying far too much for guns I wanted to purchase.Ē

A Complete Book

   Although Guns Galore! contains none of the typical filler that traditional books always seem to have, this one is the "meat and potatoes" kind of eBook that gets you going right away, takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what to do.

   You will make massively more profits on every item you ever sell from this point forward.

Risk-Free to You! You Get What is Perhaps the Most Powerful, Most Generous, and Least Risky Guarantee Offered on the Internet with No Questions Asked!

   Guns Galore! gives you answers in a simple, straightforward style that shows you how to legally, easily, and simply buy and sell weapons and ammo in online auctions. You get no fluff, only stuff you can use and Guns Galore! prepares you to profit immediately from items you have to sell.

   Keep, read, and re-read Guns Galore! for one full year Ė 365 full days and full nights.

   Maximize your auctions' income using the selling techniques inside Guns Galore! Heck, Guns Galore! even shows you the simplest way in the world to ship rifles and shotguns safely and securely so you can sleep at night knowing your buyers will be pleased!

   Any time during that entire year, if you try Guns Galore! and it fails to live up to its promises here, drop us an email to let us know why and how it failed you. (We need and want to know how we can improve.)

   We'll instantly refund the entire low price you paid for Guns Galore! Ė No questions asked, no mess, no hesitation, no fuss, and no hard feelings.  

FREE Bonus Report!

We've Added a New Bonus to This Book!

   Are you tired of jumping through hoops getting you concealed carry permit only to walk up to businesses with No Guns Allowed signs on their doors?

   We have the solution!

   Don't start a "We won't shop there" letter campaign because those are ineffective!

   There is only one way to get that business owner to become a gun owner's best friend as quickly as possible... and we outline step-by-step exactly how to do just that in the free bonus appendix we just added!


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And They Said Freedom was Dead in America!
  • Buying and Selling weapons isnít just legal, itís extremely easy using online eBay-like auctions!
  • Youíll never again worry about selling your registered gun to a stranger!
  • Stop losing your shirt selling at gun shows! When the entire nation bids on your gun in national, online, 7-day auctions, your bids skyrocket!
  • Locate deals youíll never see locally! Sellers want to unload their extra weapons and ammo fast!
  • Stay ahead when buying and selling without going afoul of regulations!

Selling online is far less trouble and brings far more money than walking the floors of a gun show dragging your wares behind you... and you usually canít even sell ammo at a gun show... Instead of all that hassle, let the money roll in with a few clicks and key presses!

Donít let ignorance of the rules keep you from owning the weapon youíve always dreamed of at a fraction of what your neighborhood dealer sells it for.

Sure, eBay left freedom-loving Americans standing in the lurch when its Execs decided to stop selling weapons-related items.

That was sad because eBay truly is a simple platform from which to buy and sell.

Guess what? Most of the weapons-related auction sites are even simpler than eBay to use! This guide shows you everything you need.

  • Immediately your questions will melt away because answers to typical gun-buying and gun-selling questions are given right up front! You get the meat without the fluff!
  • Donít know the rules for mailing guns and ammo? Most people donít but the simple, step-by-step eBook here lays it out for you showing you that mailing a shotgun is just as simple as mailing a DVD (perhaps a little more to wrap though!)
  • Have you ever worried that a gun registered in your name will be used in a crime after you sell it? Youíll never have that concern again once you finish this eBook as itís so easy to eliminate this risk youíll wonder why more people donít know how.
  • Worried that you donít know the thousands of laws surrounding selling guns and ammo to people in the 50 states, hundreds of counties, and thousands of towns in America? Not to worry, you donít have to know those laws and regulations and youíll still sell legally and without concern!
  • Need tips on getting the best price? Youíll get those tips here!
  • What do you need to say about a gun when you sell it to ensure you get more lookers than others selling the same guns? Itís all right here!
  • How can you save more than 80% on shipping insurance? (You really need to insure all weapons you mail.) Youíll now know the simple and fast answer!
  • What do you do once a gun auction ends? Itís just a little more than any other auction but you need to make sure to follow all the rules, but theyíre simple as youíll see!

Your Bids Will Skyrocket Like a NASA Spaceship

Q: How simple is is this book to master?

A: Guns Galore Was Written by the Most Prolific Computer Writer in the World!

   If you've ever looked on bookstore shelves for computer books, you have seen Guns Galore!'s Author Greg Perry and you already know this is a serious book written by a professional. Perry has written more than 75 books about computers including programming, digital movie making, Microsoft Office, and Windows.

   The reason he wrote this was, in his words, "I got tired of losing money at gun shows. I just couldn't get the number of buyers I needed to sell what I wanted to sell or to buy what I wanted to buy. Oklahoma has some of the largest gun shows on earth and I got to where I dreaded them for their vast row-after-row of walking, looking, and then hearing about others who got deals I missed.

   "Never again! Once I mastered the art of online weapons auctions - buying and selling in a completely legal environment - I said I would show others what I'd found.

   "See, actually I'm being selfish! If you happen to have a gun for sale that I may be looking for, I'm far more likely to locate your sale if you put it up in an online full-legal weapons auction. So I went through all the hassle of learning from the ground-up and in Guns Galore! I make it simple for you to start immediately buying or selling!"

   Perry is an eBay Education Specialist trained by eBay. He's an eBay PowerSeller. He understands online auctions better than just about anybody on the planet and he loves to combine his most-favorite hobby - shooting - with online auctions to locate deals.

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   Upon paying you'll immediate receive a link to download the eBook.

   You may also send a check or money order for $5.77 (the extra dollar covers the CD-ROM, shipping, and safe packaging) to:

Greg Perry & Company
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5775 Frankfurt
Beggs, OK  74421